Vice Principal's Message


Every teacher is an institution that contributes to build upgroup of disciplined individuals with devotional indebetedness to society. In his/ser life time a teacher year after year,comes across, mends and nurtures, thousands of students who are the representation of the changing society. The teacher is the pivot of society, in bringing about favourable changes, along with a new generation of students. Hence whatever new experiments and innovations come out through the teacher every year will go a long way in creating a positive impact on Society. Thus we can say that every teacher is an institution in itself, in moulding a new generation for the nation.

The Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is really challenge to teachers to implement the system systematically to draw out the results. The teachers guide students through Scholastic as well as non-scholastic activities and create interest in doing the Projects, Assignments, C.C.A., Sports and Games, Dramatization, Social Contact Activities, Self Estimation, Self Improvement and Self Evaluation. This kind of training and evaluation will greatly help in future life and professional career of the students.

Thus, present day Gurus can wipe out all darkness from the minds of the young generation and draw in the light of Knowledge. To achieve this, "The teacher should be the best minds in the country" as Dr. Radha Krishnan said. TO quote Helen Caldicott, " Teachers are the most resposible and important members of the society, because their professional efforts affect the fate of the Earth."

AECS, Mysore staff has real professionalism in bringing out the talents of each student in true self. I wish all the best for future endeavours of staff and students.